50 episodes: reflections and hope

In just a couple days, episode 50 will drop.  It’s hard to believe Spurgeon Audio has come this far from those first few raw episodes I recorded in Jon’s studio.  I had no real idea what, exactly, I wanted this to be, other than a chance to share with others the words that were inspiring me in my walk.  In that time I have passed through some deep, deep valleys as well as witnessed beautiful heights.  

And so many of you have passed through those times with me, at a distance.  The encouragement I’ve gotten from so many as I’ve developed this platform by God’s grace and through His wisdom has been incredibly gracious and kind.  I continue to covet all your prayers and I am hoping to continue to build relationships with the brethren as I seek to bless you in any way I can.  

A few stats

I have purposefully not dwelt on numbers much with this podcast, because I don’t want to be sitting around obsessing over download numbers and Alexa ratings.  But I did want to share a few numbers that make me very happy:

  • The number one streamed and downloaded episode is Episode 35: The Glorious Gospel.  If there is any episode that I hope will hold the theme of this podcast, it is that one both in title and in substance.  I hope that as long as I am able to produce this, that I will never waver from that.
  • The third-most is Episode 34: Earthquake but not Heartquake.  I recorded this one shortly before the beginning of one of my darkest times, and certainly God led me through the truth of the words I read that day.  I hope it has strengthened others in their own struggles.
  • The list of countries that I have seen listeners coming from is mindboggling.  It is incredibly humbling to know you have given your time to listen to this podcast, and I hope you will continue to join in.

My desire is to begin to release this podcast more regularly.  I have not been as disciplined as I could be in this effort and I want to become more focused on producing content here, both original work and more Spurgeon sermons.

There are a couple things I would like to ask for input or advice on before I sign out here:

  • I have steadfastly refused and will continue to refuse to ask for donations.  I believe that if you are desiring to give money to support a ministry, it’s best given to your own local body.  I am, however, considering monetizing either through ads or sponsorships of some kind.  If you have thoughts or helpful input on this I welcome any and all advice and direction.
  • I have been using the same music for a while, and I’m hoping to find more to share. If you are an artist looking for platforms to get ears on your tunes, or if you’re just interested in collaborating, I would love to hear from you.  I’m not looking for free handouts, and I hope you will consider dropping me a line.

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