The end, for now

When I started this podcast as Spurgeon Audio, I had no idea how long I was going to keep it going or what I was going to do with it ultimately. Honestly it served as a way for me to both study one of the most influential preachers and teachers for me personally, as well as a way to just begin to exercise some of the ways that God has gifted me. It gave me an excuse to read, write, to dive deep, to talk to some really interesting people, and to grow my own faith apart from simply repeating what I heard from others.

I started it right when the heyday of reformed-____ podcasts were just taking off, when the Reformed Pubcast was roaring along and the network it spawned cranked out nearly a dozen shows with similar ideas behind them. Many of them including the flagship show have gone away, and now, time has come for this podcast to close its doors for the time being.

I’ve taken some hiatuses of varying lengths in the past, but the intention was always to return to the same show, or to revamp and refresh it. Now though, that intention is not there. I’ve decided that it’s time to relinquish this to the annals of yet another podcast floating in the ether.


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