The end, for now

When I started this podcast as Spurgeon Audio, I had no idea how long I was going to keep it going or what I was going to do with it ultimately. Honestly it served as a way for me to both study one of the most influential preachers and teachers for me personally, as well as a way to just begin to exercise some of the ways that God has gifted me. It gave me an excuse to read, write, to dive deep, to talk to some really interesting people, and to grow my own faith apart from simply repeating what I heard from others.

I started it right when the heyday of reformed-____ podcasts were just taking off, when the Reformed Pubcast was roaring along and the network it spawned cranked out nearly a dozen shows with similar ideas behind them. Many of them including the flagship show have gone away, and now, time has come for this podcast to close its doors for the time being.

I’ve taken some hiatuses of varying lengths in the past, but the intention was always to return to the same show, or to revamp and refresh it. Now though, that intention is not there. I’ve decided that it’s time to relinquish this to the annals of yet another podcast floating in the ether.


Scripture Sunday: Wrapping Up Job

You’d think I would have given up on regularly scheduled programming after all the years of producing this, but I persist. Today we are finishing the book of Job, and I think that there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to think about such a book than during the time leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’ll get into that more in the upcoming Spurgeon Audio episode which, God willing, will be going up tomorrow. In the meantime, do you have ideas for the next book you’d like to hear read? If so, please comment here or drop me a line!

Scripture Sunday: Job 19 thru 21

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“I know that my redeemer lives.” These are the words of Job we hear in this passage that ring through the millenia into today, and that Christians everywhere echo in their times of suffering and doubt.

Listen in and be sure to listen to the companion sermon series on Spurgeon Audio as we dig into the deeper questions raised by Job and his friends.

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Scripture Sunday – Job 13 thru 15

We are continuing our Scripture Sunday reading through the book of Job, as Job and his friends debate the meaning of suffering in a world governed by a just, holy and good God. Join us and please remember to subscribe to our podcast feed for more great podcast content!

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Scripture Sunday: Job 10 thru 12

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We’re continuing through the book of Job, as he and his friends continue to wrestle with understanding what it means for a man to experience suffering in the face of the truth about God: He is good, just, and sovereign. Many in our world take the presence of suffering as proof that God does not exist, or that He is not good. But that answer is neither true nor satisfying, and as we continue through the text both here and in our Spurgeon Audio series we will see how God speaks to this difficult issue.

Do you struggle with this? You are not alone, and it’s not a bad struggle to face, especially now as we all face ongoing turmoil. Let us know how we can be praying for you.

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Scripture Sunday: Job 7 thru 9

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We are continuing through the book of Job, as we see Job’s lament and frustration with his suffering rising. His friends continue to insist that he must have sinned in a way to anger God and bring evil on himself, yet Job insists that’s not the case.

Have you experienced this in your own life? How have you worked through it? Please leave comments or feel free to email and we will pray for and encourage you. As we continue through Job both here and on Spurgeon Audio, we will try our best to wrestle through this question we all wrestle with: why do bad things happen to those who don’t seem to deserve any of it?

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Scripture Sunday – Job 4 thru 6

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We are continuing through the book of Job, in preparation for the next Spurgeon Audio series in the same book. Job’s friends are beginning to try to help him reason out why he has been suffering, saying that he surely must have done something against God. Job in turn expresses frustration and confusion because he would love to accept God’s correction – if he knew what he did!

This book is a picture of the difficult balance between understanding how God can be sovereign and good, and why evil seems to continue so successfully in our world. This is not a simple or easy question, or one that can be brushed off, and we ought to wrestle with it just as deeply. Listen along and please consider supporting our podcast on Patreon.

Scripture Sunday – Job 1 thru 3

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We are getting Scripture Sunday restarted! Every Sunday afternoon there will be livestreamed Scripture reading on the Kings Way Talk Facebook page, and I will repost it here afterwards on the podcast feed.

Since the upcoming Spurgeon Audio series will be out of the book of Job, we are going to spend the next few weeks going through that book as well. I hope you will join me in reading and praying through this challenging text as we get ready for the upcoming sermon series as well.

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