Theology Mix – Visit the network that we share with several other awesome Christian podcasts, download episodes and read some awesome articles!

If you like this page, you should check these out:

  • The Spurgeon Archive: For a vast collection of sermons and detailed works by and on Charles Spurgeon, these gentlemen have done yeoman’s work.
  • Albert Mohler: President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and host of a truly “must-listen” daily podcast, The Briefing.
  • Alpha & Omega Ministries: Dr. James White’s apologetic work has been critical in my spiritual growth, and his Dividing Line webcast has been another inspiration to explore podcasting.
  • The Reformed Pubcast: A podcast about beer and theology, and my inspiration to try my own hand at podcasting.
  • Regular Reformed Podcast: A podcast run by two believers, one reformed Baptist and one Presbyterian, who believe strongly in the need for unity among reformed believers in the face of division in the body.
  • The Rugged Marriage: Alex from our discussion on love and marriage is one of the hosts of this awesome podcast discussing the trials and joys of marriage between two sinners saved by grace.
  • Calvinist Batman: I don’t know if I can really give a better explanation than the name gives.  Because he’s Batman.
  • WWUTT: When We Understand the Text, an excellent podcast and source for nice, punchy explanations of tricky biblical topics, as well as one of the best radio voices you could ask for.
  • Christ Community Church of Denton: My place of worship
  • The Loverlies: The musicians from my church who have graciously allowed us to use their music as a part of this podcast.
  • Dave the Hedonist: Your humble reader’s oft-neglected blog.

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