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Episode 2: God Justifieth the Ungodly

Two episodes in and I can’t say how much I’ve been looking forward to this one.  After laying the groundwork last week, when I read this I knew it would be a great follow-up, and a crucial message for anyone listening.  Our justification is based, for one thing, in our need for it!  We have nothing to offer God, no work to please Him, but He has called His children to come as they are into their inheritance with Christ.

For you will not delight in sacrifice, or I would give it;
    you will not be pleased with a burnt offering.
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
    a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.–Psalm 51:15-16

Episode 1: The First Sermon in the Tabernacle

Here we go!  Please excuse my stumbling, as I find my way to the best presentation.  A thousand thanks to my brother in Christ Jon Ladner for encouraging me to do this and enabling me through his expertise.

For the first episode I couldn’t think of a better sermon to pick than Spurgeon’s first sermon in the Metropolitan Tabernacle Church.  As Jon observed after recording, “it has everything,” and most importantly, it sets the tone for what I wish to accomplish with it: namely, that Christ be glorified through this.  You can download it here.  If you encounter any technical problems, please email  The text of the sermon is here.

Recording update

I sat down with Jon Ladner to record the first of what will hopefully be many podcasts.  I won’t reveal which sermon we picked out to kick us off, but I think you will agree when we post it up, it was very appropriate.  Stay tuned!  Weather has cancelled tomorrow’s church services here, so that gives us a bit of extra free time to get things rolling.


Greetings!  I am extremely excited to create this page and announce my first foray into the world of podcasting.  This will not be my original material, however, but I will be taking the works of one of the greatest preachers in history and, essentially, creating his own sermon audio stream.  Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “The Prince of Preachers,” was a Christian whose powerful sermons made great waves across London in his day and continue to impact believers to this day.  My desire is to take his vast collection of writings and transform them into downloadable audio for the glory of God.

My plan is to have my first podcast ready by the beginning of next week, God willing.  In the meantime, please reach out to me with comments or questions.