A short hiatus

Sorry everyone, I was hoping to have time to record another episode within the last couple weeks, but things have suddenly become very busy on the home front, so it will probably be at least a couple more weeks before the next one comes out.  In the mean time, I hope you will follow the podcast’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and please feel free to contact me through email to participate!  I have some exciting plans for the upcoming episodes, so stay tuned.


A call to action: Winter clothing donations needed

I wanted to post today to ask my wonderful audience to please consider contributing to an important need my church is working to meet in the next few weeks.  Winter is on its way, and promises to be a rather brutal one even by my Northerner standards in terms of cold weather.  There are a lot of families in our area who are in need and we are organizing an effort to help those who need coats and other winter clothes for themselves and their families to get what they need.


If you are in the North Texas area, I would ask you to consider giving of your time and resources to donate clothing for this effort.  If you are not, there are still ways you can support this, and I would ask you to email me at spurgeonaudio@gmail.com to see how you can help meet the needs of so many down here.  I love my city and its people, and I am very gratified for the chance to show that love at any opportunity.  Please consider giving of your own time and funds to support those in need this winter.

Audience participation: help pick the next sermon!

We’ve got 7 episodes plus one discussion under our belts, and we want to thank everyone who’s supported us as we’ve gotten this nice little podcast off the ground.  We also want to invite you all to help us pick the next sermon!  If you’ve spent any time exploring the Spurgeon Archive, you know they have all of Spurgeon’s sermons numbered in order.  Right now our Facebook page has 90 followers and our Twitter account has 147 followers–that puts us as sermon number 237.  We will record episode 8 in one week, and based on the number of followers both accounts have, that will determine the sermon we pick!  So invite your friends to check us out and be a part of picking the next sermon…unless you’re hoping for something earlier than 237, in which case…well, I’m not sure what to say about that.

Anyway: thanks to all our awesome listeners!  If you have enjoyed our efforts so far, please pass the good word and help us pick next week’s sermon!