50 episodes: reflections and hope

In just a couple days, episode 50 will drop.  It’s hard to believe Spurgeon Audio has come this far from those first few raw episodes I recorded in Jon’s studio.  I had no real idea what, exactly, I wanted this to be, other than a chance to share with others the words that were inspiring me in my walk.  In that time I have passed through some deep, deep valleys as well as witnessed beautiful heights.  

And so many of you have passed through those times with me, at a distance.  The encouragement I’ve gotten from so many as I’ve developed this platform by God’s grace and through His wisdom has been incredibly gracious and kind.  I continue to covet all your prayers and I am hoping to continue to build relationships with the brethren as I seek to bless you in any way I can.  

A few stats

I have purposefully not dwelt on numbers much with this podcast, because I don’t want to be sitting around obsessing over download numbers and Alexa ratings.  But I did want to share a few numbers that make me very happy:

  • The number one streamed and downloaded episode is Episode 35: The Glorious Gospel.  If there is any episode that I hope will hold the theme of this podcast, it is that one both in title and in substance.  I hope that as long as I am able to produce this, that I will never waver from that.
  • The third-most is Episode 34: Earthquake but not Heartquake.  I recorded this one shortly before the beginning of one of my darkest times, and certainly God led me through the truth of the words I read that day.  I hope it has strengthened others in their own struggles.
  • The list of countries that I have seen listeners coming from is mindboggling.  It is incredibly humbling to know you have given your time to listen to this podcast, and I hope you will continue to join in.

My desire is to begin to release this podcast more regularly.  I have not been as disciplined as I could be in this effort and I want to become more focused on producing content here, both original work and more Spurgeon sermons.

There are a couple things I would like to ask for input or advice on before I sign out here:

  • I have steadfastly refused and will continue to refuse to ask for donations.  I believe that if you are desiring to give money to support a ministry, it’s best given to your own local body.  I am, however, considering monetizing either through ads or sponsorships of some kind.  If you have thoughts or helpful input on this I welcome any and all advice and direction.
  • I have been using the same music for a while, and I’m hoping to find more to share. If you are an artist looking for platforms to get ears on your tunes, or if you’re just interested in collaborating, I would love to hear from you.  I’m not looking for free handouts, and I hope you will consider dropping me a line.


Apologies to everyone for the delay both in getting out new episodes and Morning & Evenings.  I have been dealing with a nasty chest cold/bronchitis and I’m only finally starting to get back near 100% again.  God willing, I will be getting Morning and Evenings rolling again on Theology Mix at the beginning of next week.

Morning and Evening devotionals – an update

As many of you may have noticed, the Morning and Evening devotional podcast made it last year from August through about the end of October, and then stopped.  Unfortunately life wasn’t really cooperating with me, plus I also had equipment failure that compounded things, and so I basically decided to put it aside for the time being.

I’ve shared a couple here, but I wanted to make the announcement official: the updates have resumed and will continue to roll out twice daily thanks to the good folks at Theology Mix.  It is a lot of work to create 730 episodes, but it is a blessing to me and God willing it will continue apace until finally, the entire series is able to run essentially until it just can’t anymore for one reason or another.

Please consider subscribing to the Theology Mix podcast feed, because for now that is the exclusive home of those updates.  My regular episodes will continue to roll out here and there also, plus there are many other podcasts in their feed which you can download and many great writers over there to check out daily.

I am hoping to put out at least one more if not two more episodes before Thanksgiving, but it depends on time.  Please pray for me that I will use my time wisely, between working, serving my church and working on this project.

Morning and Evening: an update

We are closing in on the end of our first month releasing audio recordings of the Morning and Evening devotional through Theology Mix.  I wanted to thank Ryan Jackson, Len Flack and Cody Almanzar for being a part of creating these, and I am excited to see this through to the end of the book.  I’d also like to thank Jeremy Lundmark for bringing Spurgeon Audio into the ThM fold and encouraging me as I’ve pursued production of this podcast.

I think I wasn’t quite prepared at first for the scope of a project this size, even if each episode is only a couple minutes long.  But I am glad that it has gone so smoothly to date and I am hopeful that this has a positive impact on listeners.  If you have listened and enjoyed, please share them with your friends and family.  I am planning to keep these available for free download indefinitely.

If you are subscribed to the Spurgeon Audio RSS feed and wonder why you aren’t getting these twice-daily updates, it’s because they aren’t coming through that feed.  You should make sure you subscribe to Theology Mix through iTunes or your favorite podcast catcher, and you will be able to receive these daily, in addition to being able to follow several other excellent podcasts as well.

You can listen to and read all the Morning and Evening episodes released to date here, and don’t forget to follow Spurgeon Audio on Facebook and Twitter.  If there are sermons you’d like to hear recorded, email me and we will add them to our list for the future.


A short hiatus

Sorry everyone, I was hoping to have time to record another episode within the last couple weeks, but things have suddenly become very busy on the home front, so it will probably be at least a couple more weeks before the next one comes out.  In the mean time, I hope you will follow the podcast’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and please feel free to contact me through email to participate!  I have some exciting plans for the upcoming episodes, so stay tuned.


Greetings!  I am extremely excited to create this page and announce my first foray into the world of podcasting.  This will not be my original material, however, but I will be taking the works of one of the greatest preachers in history and, essentially, creating his own sermon audio stream.  Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “The Prince of Preachers,” was a Christian whose powerful sermons made great waves across London in his day and continue to impact believers to this day.  My desire is to take his vast collection of writings and transform them into downloadable audio for the glory of God.

My plan is to have my first podcast ready by the beginning of next week, God willing.  In the meantime, please reach out to me with comments or questions.